Peanut Butter Cereal Bars

I’m back! Starting off my relaunch with a Peanut Butter Cereal Bar recipe for toddlers. So yummy that I eat them too!

Peanut butter cheerio bars for toddlers

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If you’ve been following my blog, or have been here before, you might notice all of my posts are gone, and that before now I haven’t shared any recipes.

You might be wondering what the heck is going on here. But don’t worry, I will share with you the events that led to my blog disappearing for two weeks.

While doing a hosting transfer, I lost everything. However, instead of looking at it as an end, I see it as a new beginning. I decided to include recipes into my rebranding because who doesn’t love yummy food for their babies, and mom?

So I’m opening my kitchen up to you!

Peanut butter cheerio bars for toddlers

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Peanut butter cheerio bars for toddlers

Peanut Butter cereal bars is definitely one of my favorite go to snacks for my twin toddlers because they are healthy, take minutes to make, and delicious.

Having twin toddlers and an infant, maintaining my household, and running a blog means time is definitely a virtue for me.

These cereal bars are also great for mom. add a layer of chocolate and they become a great protein snack, great if you are still breastfeeding.

I chose to use cheerios, but you can use any kind of cereal you prefer. I’ve also made them before with raisins and chocolate chips, the little ones couldn’t get enough!

Keep in mind while following this recipe, that your marshmallows won’t melt into liquid form. A mistake I made when first making them. The longer you try to heat them to turn them into a liquid only burns the marshmallows.

Instead, expect them to expand and combine together. Mix your ingredients quickly, once the marshmallows cool it will be harder to spread your mixture into your pan.

Allow your bars to cool naturally, putting them in the freezer to expidite the process will make them hard to cut.

Yields: 20 Servings Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 5 Mins


0/4 Ingredients
Adjust Servings


0/4 Instructions
  • Heat your marshmallows in a microwave safe bowl for 30 seconds.
  • Combine your cheerios, peanut butter and marshmallows in a bowl together and stir until evenly mixed.
  • Spread your mixture in your pan in an even layer.
  • Allow for your mixture to completely cool then cut into finger like sticks for toddlers.


You can use any kind of cereal for your cereal bars. Add chocolate, raisins, or fruit to your little ones liking.


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